OGIS on ‘Cloud Nine’

National Archives Collection, Records of the EPA, 1944 – 2006

This week, after a year in the works, OGIS launched our new website and case management system, the OGIS Access System (OAS). Our excitement over the completion of this process isn’t just sky high — we’re literally in the cloud. The new OAS will manage more effectively and efficiently the requests for assistance that FOIA requesters and agencies bring to OGIS. Using built-in workflows and document repositories will both streamline OGIS’s work and increase transparency of our work.

We worked to build a site that is helpful to our customers, easy to use and appealing to the eye. We organized materials and resources we thought might help our requester and agency constituents, and put the items we use most in our OGIS Toolbox. We also created some new resources and are taking advantage of being in the cloud to offer online services we couldn’t before.

Here are some of our favorite features:

OAS is among the first generation of federal government online services operating in the cloud. We think this will improve our ability to serve our customers. We are able to securely log in to our system and manage our cases as well as quickly update our website and, perhaps most important, connect with our customers easier and faster.

Please check out the new website: https://ogis.archives.gov/ and let us know what you think! And please bear with us as we get used to using the system.