Finding Content on Our Updated Website: A Guide

Use this guide to find content on our upgraded website! (NARA Identifier 2130141)

As we let you know last week, we will soon be rolling out an update to the OGIS website. We are very excited about the fresh look and feel of the site and are back today to tell you a little bit more about what you can expect after the update goes into effect.

Hopefully you have gone ahead and taken a few minutes to identify any of our pages that you have bookmarked. As we noted, we expect many of our website pages to automatically resolve to the updated web address ( If your bookmark no longer works, you can find most of the content from our old website by simply moving the “ogis” from the front of the URL to between backslashes and deleting “htm” from the end of the URL.

For example:

  • the page for the FOIA Advisory Committee will change from to
  • the webpage for OGIS’s Annual Reports will change from to

In addition to getting a new address and a coat of paint, our website is also getting an extensive behind the scenes overhaul. Our content will be migrated into Drupal, which is an open source content management system. In addition to making our website responsive to mobile devices, the move to Drupal will make it easier for National Archives staff to update our content.

After the new website is up and running, we will be looking for ways to integrate other features into our website and improve our content’s organization. If you have any trouble finding any content, or if you have any suggestions to improve the site, please let us know by emailing or contacting us on Twitter at @FOIA_Ombuds.

2 thoughts on “Finding Content on Our Updated Website: A Guide

  1. In our effort to use technology to inprove custome service and responsiveness, we use email (from outr official FOIA status and customer service box) to communicate non-disclosure matters including, denials for non exemption reasons, not an agency record, no records, status request responses, fee communications, etc. This is the leading factor in quick turnaround. There is now a question, as to whether it is permissible for the Program Manager and disclosure official (Sr. GIS) to send such communications under her signature block and official electronic office demarcation, from the official email box, without a manual signature. We have been doing so for 4 years. Please tell us where to find guidance in this matter. It would be devastating to reintroduce paper into this seamless delivery system. Please note that manual signatures are obtained and transmitted with all full and partial releases.

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