OGIS 2023 Holiday Wish List

https://giphy.com/gifs/usnationalarchives-vintage-christmas-3oz8xJVpGNtM2g8Mhy Santa Claus Christmas by US National Archives via GIPHY. From National Archives Identifier 93140. Last year we shared our OGIS Holiday Wish List here on The FOIA Ombudsman. The jolly man from the North Pole did not bring us our wishes, so we are revising it to reflect upon what OGIS has encountered over … Continue reading OGIS 2023 Holiday Wish List

Requesting Records Across Agencies

With 100 departments and agencies, the Executive Branch can feel downright massive sometimes. Although each of the 100 has a separate and distinct mission, and no doubt creates very different kinds of records, there is also some overlap in the way agencies operate and with the records they keep. Since its start, OGIS has been … Continue reading Requesting Records Across Agencies