Volunteer to Improve the Administration of FOIA

Volunteer to be a part of improving the FOIA process! (NARA Identifier 513691)

Did you hear that we are currently accepting nominations for the 2018-2020 Term of the Federal FOIA Advisory Committee?

Who should be nominated? We are looking for agency FOIA professionals and nongovernment members who are interested in working to improve the administration of FOIA. From the government, we are looking for representatives  from both Cabinet-level Departments and non-Cabinet agencies. From outside of the government, we are seeking representatives of: organizations that advocate on FOIA matters; FOIA requesters who qualify for some of FOIA’s various fee categories (all other, news media and commercial), historians and history-related organizations; and academia. Self-nominations are welcome.

What should you include in your nomination? To apply, please submit the following materials:

  • Your name, title, and relevant contact information (including phone, fax, and email address);
  • If nominating someone else, the nominee’s name, title, and relevant contact information, and the Committee position for which you are submitting the nominee;
  • A short biographical paragraph about the nominee (fewer than 250 words), summarizing their/your resume´ or otherwise highlighting the contributions they/you would bring to the Committee; and
  • Your/the nominee’s resume´ or curriculum vitae.

When should you apply? The deadline for nominations is June 1, 2018.

Where should you send your nomination? Nominations should be sent to: foia-advisory-committee@nara.gov

Why should you send in a nomination? The FOIA Advisory Committee brings together requesters and agency FOIA professionals to develop consensus solutions to some of the greatest challenges in the administration of FOIA. If you want to make a substantial contribution to improving the FOIA process, this is your opportunity!

How can you keep updated about the Committee and its work? Be sure to watch this blog and follow us on Twitter for updates.