International Conference of Information Commissioners Issues Statement on Access to Information

The International Conference of Information Commissioners (ICIC) met in June via hybrid (online and in-person) for the 13th  International Conference. Alina M. Semo, OGIS Director, serves on the Executive Committee of the ICIC

As a part of this year’s work at the conference, the Commission issued a public statement around access to information, specifically that “access to information as a milestone of the digital age to guarantee human rights, the inclusion of groups in situations of vulnerability and the strengthening of democratic institutions in the 21st century.” The Commission laid out a set of six criteria to expand upon the statement. 

To learn more and read the full statement visit: 

The International Conference connects Information Commissioners, Ombudspersons and other bodies charged with overseeing the implementation of Access to Public Information legislation, in order to foster the protection and the promotion of access to public information as a fundamental pillar to social, economic and democratic governance.