2022-2024 FOIA Advisory Committee Members Appointed

A woman Marine sergeant, who is a member of the band blows her trumpet, during a Marine Corps Birthday Pageant held in the stadium, 11/9/1979. National Archives Identifier 6367479

Acting Archivist of the United States Debra Steidel Wall appointed 20 individuals to the National Archives and Records Administration’s 2022–2024 Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) Advisory Committee. 

We welcome back David Cuillier of the University of Arizona; Allyson Deitrick of the U.S. Department of Commerce; Tom Susman of the American Bar Association; and Patricia Weth of the Environmental Protection Agency. We also welcome back Jason R. Baron of the University of Maryland and Ginger Quintero-McCall of Demand Progress, both of whom served on the FOIA Advisory Committee prior to the 2020-2022 term. As in prior terms, Alina Semo, director of the Office of Government Information Services, and Bobby Talebian, director of the Office of Information Policy, serve on the Committee by virtue of their positions in accordance with the Committee charter. Ms. Semo will chair the 2022-2024 term of the Committee, which is scheduled to have its first meeting on September 8, 2022. 

The Committee, established  in 2014, studies the federal FOIA landscape and advises on improvements to FOIA administration governmentwide. The FOIA Advisory Committee consists of no more than 20 individuals who are all FOIA experts from both inside and outside of government. Members of the FOIA Advisory Committee foster dialogue between the administration and the requester community and develop recommendations for improving FOIA administration and proactive disclosures. The 2020-2022 term of the Committee made 21 recommendations for improving the FOIA process.  

Ms. Wall has appointed the following individuals to the 2022-2024 term: 

Government Members

Non-Government Members

Stay tuned to this blog and the FOIA Advisory Committee website in the coming months for more information on the Committee’s work and its members.