Chief FOIA Officers Council Website on the Move

Photographs of a moving truck bringing personal belongings of the Clinton Family into the White House, with further photographs of moving staff bringing in boxes to interior rooms of the White House. The images were photographed by Bob McNeely on January 20, 1993. National Archives Identifier 176253365

Looking for updated information about the Chief FOIA Officers Council? Recently, the Chief FOIA Officers Council website, hosted by the National Archives since 2016, moved to the Department of Justice (DOJ) website  Check out the new site at

The content on the National Archives page is no longer being updated as of December 1, 2022. The page will serve as an archive of the Chief FOIA Officers Council’s meetings and public comments since the Council’s founding. 

Public comments and other information related to the Chief FOIA Officers Council will be available on the new page and updated regularly by DOJ’s Office of Information Policy.