OGIS Launches New Quarterly Reporting

Beginning in fiscal year 2023, OGIS has launched a new reporting graphic that tracks quarterly data and activities. In the past we shared mediation statistics with regard to the number of cases we managed. And while that work continues — we respond to more than 4,000 inquiries a year — it is just as important that we share information about other OGIS activities. 

The new reporting graphic shows information in multiple categories that encompass all of OGIS’s activities as the federal FOIA Ombudsman:  “Assisting Customers,” “Communicating with Stakeholders,” “Supporting FOIA’s Leaders,” and “Identifying Issues.” These categories allow OGIS to share an at-a-glance look at all of the important work we do including convening public meetings and public programs, assessing agency FOIA compliance, training agency FOIA professionals, and generally communicating with stakeholders throughout the FOIA landscape. 

The new quarterly graphic can be found on our OGIS Annual Reports page under OGIS Quarterly Reports.