FOIA Advisory Committee Seeks Input on Draft Model Determination Letter

“Here Lies a Good Idea. Don’t Let Your Idea Die. Put it in the Suggestion Box Today.” National Archives Identifier 514482

As presented and discussed at the June 8, 2023, FOIA Advisory Committee Meeting, the Modernization Subcommittee seeks public feedback on a model determination letter from federal agencies, FOIA requesters, and the public, before finalizing into a formal recommendation.

As the Subcommittee notes in its background document, the FOIA statute “says almost nothing about communicating the substance of the agency’s decision.” The model letter is designed to be a template for agencies to use when responding to requesters, and covers such areas as the search for responsive records, the agency’s determination and referrals, among other administrative matters. 

Those who are interested in submitting comments can do so using the OGIS Public Comment Portal. (Please direct your comments to the FOIA Advisory Committee.) Public comments will be accepted through Friday July 28. Submissions that comply with OGIS’s Public Comment Policy will be posted on the OGIS website. Modernization Subcommittee members will review all comments received for discussion and further action at the next FOIA Advisory Committee meeting on September 7, 2023.